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Client: Sierra Constructions. Project details: 1,97,000 sft,  192 units of 1,2 and 3 bed configurations.


This is our first project for the heirs of a client for whom we have done 2 row housing projects: Trinity Acres and Trinity Woods. The next generation has ventured out on its own and wanted a similar low-rise, group housing project. The site is surrounded by the 'Green belt zone' on all sides and has amazing, astounding green views for miles around. To capitalize on the breathtaking vista, we have provided all the units with big balconies so that you can feel the outdoors inside.

With efficient planning and optimal use of space, we were able to get 192 apartments on a tight 2 acres site. The units are spread across 9 blocks on four floors. The ground floor apartments have private gardens that open into the living, dining and kitchen. The big open-to-sky spaces between the apartments allow the flow of air and play of natural sunlight throughout the complex. The white walls alternating with brick cladding make for a great contrast with the greenery in the balconies. Restricting the car parking  to the stilt floor has allowed for a vehicle-free walking/jogging track around the complex and landscaped walkways dotted with pergolas.


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