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 Project details: 1 acre, 2.5-bed  farmhouse


The client's requirement was a simple 2 bed farmhouse with a courtyard.  Instead of having a low rise house, we decided to make it more dramatic by taking the roof high. As a result we were able to get enough height to fit in a small bed space above the entrance foyer, thus making extra space for overnight guests.  

In keeping with the earthy, green surroundings, we retained the exposed brickwork and exposed rcc ceiling. The monotony of the bricks has been broken with white trims, light grey Sadarahalli stone work and the sheen of greenish grey Kota flooring. The stand out feature is the double height courtyard and the Sadarahalli clad double height chimney.   

No trees were cut for this project. We positioned the front of  this house opposite an old Neem tree and to emphasize  the tree as a focal point, we created a 12 seater dining table around the tree so that the views from the tree and from the house are arresting.


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